[Samba] Vista client / Linux server - high browsing latency

Rune Tønnesen rune at tonnesen.org
Sun Jun 10 08:19:44 GMT 2007

Jay L. T. Cornwall skrev:
> Jay L. T. Cornwall wrote:
> > Though I don't have any authentication issues I went ahead and changed
> > this setting anyway. Browsing is fast again!
> > I'm not sure if this is permanent (or why that setting would make any
> > difference) - but let's see how long it lasts.
> Yeah, it's fallen back to high latency browsing after a reboot. Can't
> reproduce that fix either.
Hi Jay

Reboot of the Vista pc or your samba box.

I've got a few questions about your smb.conf
os level = ?
wins support = ?
master browser = ?

Regards Rune

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