[Samba] Samba giving up. How to debug ?

Adam Tauno Williams adamtaunowilliams at gmail.com
Fri Jun 8 15:20:11 GMT 2007

> just a few minutes ago our samba file server stops working.

My first guess would be - it isn't a Samba problem.  My second guess
would be that something went wrong with winbind (if you are using
winbind).  If you are not using winbind I'd go back to my first guess
that Samba is being effected by an underlying OS issue.

Just my experience.  But "suddenly stops working" isn't usually a Samba
thing.  It usually means NSS (or equivalent) in the OS has gone donkers,
or something is wedged trying to write to a log file (file to big,
insufficient disk space), etc...  I've seen some pretty obscure things
cause this kind of behaviour.

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