[Samba] Correct method to Join Domain ????

Mike Rushton mrushton at epix.net
Fri Jun 8 01:37:49 GMT 2007

I am testing w/ a PC loaded w/ Centos 5 and Samba (whatever version it 
came with) 

I have not had any luck with connecting WinXP clients to it (or anything 
for that matter) 

I think my problems stem from not joining the domain correctly. 

What is the proper method for Win XP or WIn 2K .  When I get a chance I 
am gonna connect a PC to my test network.  

To join a domain, you would need (at least for NT)

Name of Domain
Admin account
Password for admin account
A unique Network Name for the PC. 

And you typically (at least thru XP) right click on the Computer Icon, > 
Properties > Network and Join the domain or change machine name to get on. 

What do you do for Limux / Samba ??? 

You need,

root account, ???
root password ??? 
Uniique machine name ???  
Do you try to join domain is same manner or is there a config file you 
got to edit  ??? 

Any help or advice is welcome. 

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