[Samba] (too) general question: Samba Domain vs. AD member server

Jorge L Davila Laureano j_davila at webmail.uprh.edu
Sat Jun 2 00:12:58 GMT 2007


This is a general question; just running out of time for a decision.  Be nice,
please.  :-)

I work for a university...  I few years back we had a peer to peer network of
~900 nodes (believe it or not :-)  using public IP's.  2/8 computers labs were
using a proxy/NAT solution indepentently.

Then came Win2k3 Active Directory (still mixed mode) and an internal network
mostly for administrative departments.

Should I keep indepentent domains (actual AD and a new Samba 3 for "academic"
use) or should I just add a Samba 3 server as a AD member server?

Let me know if you need more info.


Jorge L. Dávila Laureano
Coordinador de Servicios Técnicos al Usuario II
Universidad de Puerto Rico en Humacao
Sistemas de Informacion, Computacion y Comunicación

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