[Samba] Performance tweaking for lots of files

Jeroen Akershoek jeroen at filmmore.nl
Fri Jun 1 14:25:44 GMT 2007


I'm looking for performance-tweaking of our samba server (linux, 
RHES4-based). Looking around on the internet I found plenty of things 
that stated 'the usual' things (buffer-sizes, nodelay, logging to a 
minimum, etc), but nothing that actually seems to work. We usually have 
directory structures with many thousands (up to 100k or more) of 
relatively small files (around 10MB each) and whatever I try, it goes 
pretty damn slow. I'm getting about 1 file every second, which comes 
down to somewhere between 50 and 100Mbit (and we've got a gigabit network).

The files are on a StorNext filesystem that usually has no problem 
delivering 300MB/sec or more, so that shouldn't be a problem. Netperf 
also has no problems filling the lines, so that works as well.

Anybody have any suggestions on getting things faster, or at least to 
check what's going wrong?

Kind regards,

Jeroen Akershoek - Systems Engineer
Filmmore - Entrepotdok 66, 1018AD Amsterdam
tel: +31 20 5309696   fax: +31 20 5309697

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