[Samba] Samba seems to forget ACLs sometime

Henry Jensen hjensen at gmx.de
Tue Jun 5 11:15:01 GMT 2007


I have a strange problem here, we have 4 samba servers plus a PDC with samba and openldap as backend.

Users are organized in groups and we give group ACLs to directories to grant access. This worked until 
a few weeks ago, when we upgraded from Debian Sarge to Etch.

Since then samba seems to forget ACLs sometimes. This is almost not reproducible. Users who have normally access
to a particular directories are saying "I cant't see the directory in Windows Exxplorer anymore".
I check the ACL then and everythis is okay, Windows reports "full Access" for this user,
but he can't see nor enter the directory in Windows explorer. Strange enough: In Windows
cmd console he can enter the directory.

I could reproduce (sort of) this error with smbclient, it looks like this:

smb: \> ls test2
NT_STATUS_NO_SUCH_FILE listing \test2

                58028 blocks of size 4194304. 34997 blocks available
smb: \> cd test2
smb: \test2\> ls
  .                                   D        0  Tue Jun  5 10:26:16 2007
  ..                                  D        0  Tue Jun  5 10:27:40 2007

We have, as I said, Debian Etch with package sernet-samba 3.0.23b-13, Linux Kernel
2.6.15-28-686 on the servers (from Ubuntu LTS, since Kaspersky Antivirus won't work with the 
standard Etch Kernel), ext3 file system with ACL option. On the PDC kernel 2.6.18-4-686 is running.

Can anyone explain that strange behaviour?



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