[Samba] Authentication with Multi-OS Environment

Shawn.Gray at t-systems.com Shawn.Gray at t-systems.com
Tue Jun 5 06:11:38 GMT 2007

Adam wrote:
> AFAIK, only LINUX can mount a CIFS/SMB share.  So a Samba server won't
> do you much good with an AIX, HPUX, or IRIX client.

FWIW, I found this: 

SGI's "Origin" file servers plus NFS and Samba for IRIX allow both
Windows and UNIX clients to access and share the same data on a single
file server (Windows machines can access via Samba and UNIX machines can
access via NFS).

NFS and SMB/CIFS file services can reside in the same SGI server,
allowing seamless sharing of files between NFS clients (UNIX) and
SMB/CIFS clients (Windows) on a single file server platform running NFS
and Samba for IRIX.

Data Integrity: Simultaneous access of the same file by both a UNIX user
and a PC user can cause potential problems to data integrity. However,
SGI prevents this problem by providing kernel oplocks support within
IRIX. File locks and file opens are visible between both protocols, thus
ensuring that PC clients are aware of UNIX changes to data and vice
versa, thereby preserving file integrity.

This is looking like a really good solution for multi-OS environments.



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