[Samba] Re: shares problem

Thorkil Olesen thorkil at pip.dknet.dk
Mon Jun 4 08:22:17 GMT 2007

empirium <empirium <at> o2.pl> writes:

> Hello I have a samba 3 working as a PDC. When I logged in windows 
> computer to the domain i have a such problem.
> when I run \\samba\public windows say that* shares is unavailable*, but 
> when I run \\samba and after that i click folder public everything is ok,
> and when I have mapped shares public and i run \\samba\public everything 
> is also ok, somebody knows what is wrong?

I have just got a similar problem, that might be related.

I have some shares and users with same names. A user logged on to the SAMBA-DC
can access his own share, but a user with local logon cannot. If I rename the
share he can. This was changed when I upgraded from 3.0.23d to 3.0.25a.

Thorkil Olesen,
Hanstholm, Denmark.

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