[Samba] Re: [Bulk] Trying to mount a Linux share on Windows

Szabolcs Szakacsits szaka at sienet.hu
Sat Jun 2 12:13:51 GMT 2007

> > > You can mount Linux file systems on Windows you just have to have the 
> > > right utilities to do so. Linux supports NTFS (NTVFS is another 
> > > matter) with ntfs-3g now.
> >
> > So for instance, I could take a partition on a Windows server (NTFS) 
> > and share it using Samba instead of the Windows share service?
> You could probably make it work, but that would be insane.   

Many dual booters do it, so their peers can't notice if they are using 
Windows or Linux, read/write works just fine. 

But I also wouldn't recommend it for servers since ntfs-3g isn't optimized 
yet. Nevertheless some people still use it on servers.

We've met only one problem half year ago when ActiveSync didn't work with 
small files because Samba 4 incorrectly marked them as sparse. Luckily we 
could find a workaround for the issue in ntfs-3g which is included in the 
ntfs-3g stable releases.


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