[Samba] policy files

Dmitri Colebatch dim at colebatch.com
Fri Jun 1 10:10:30 GMT 2007

Hi Adam,

Thanks for your reply.  A couple a questions inline:

On 5/31/07, Adam Tauno Williams <adamtaunowilliams at gmail.com> wrote:
> This is a Windows issue, not a Samba issue.

All the information I've been able to find references windows tools - the
part I'm missing is where the windows tools stop and Samba takes over.  I
hope you don't mind me clarifying a couple of things below.

> > Is there a simple howto that I've missed on this?  Thanks in advance for
> any
> > tips.
> Yes, the Windows documentation.  O'Reilly has a title: "Windows NT User
> Administration"  you need a book like that.  Most of the HOWTOs and what
> not on the Internet are confusing garbage, or at best only half
> complete,  my advise is to skip them entirely.

Thanks for the tip - I think half my problem is I'm not exactly sure what
I'm looking for.  I have Samba happily running as a Domain Controller and
have the computers on the network in the domain.  However, I don't have any
windows servers, and hence don't have a Windows Active Directory on my
network.  All my searching for information regarding policies and so on
aren't turning up much because they all seem to refer to AD.  Can I ask if
you (or anyone else) know if what I'm trying to do is possible using Samba
on its own (and the GPO approach)?  I'm assuming that I need to learn and
understand firstly how to create my policy (thanks for the help on this) and
how to distribute it.  I'm hoping that the distribution is simply a matter
of putting the appropriate file on a Samba share (once I know which share it

Re the book, thanks - I've ordred a copy on amazon, unfortunately its not
available on Safari.

> The *OFFICIAL* Samba documentation does cover this to some extend,
> beyond that get a book.
> http://us1.samba.org/samba/docs/man/Samba-HOWTO-Collection/PolicyMgmt.html

I had read that, and thought I was doing the right thing (although missing
the link between POL and ADM files).  Not sure how I'm going to get my hands
on poledit.exe which I figure is my next step.

Thanks again for your help.


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