[Samba] changing ACLs only as owner possible

Bjoern_80 at gmx.de Bjoern_80 at gmx.de
Fri Jun 1 06:47:35 GMT 2007


I have the following problem: 

I have an linux file server (member server ADS), with authenticating 
against ADS. It works fine. All user data / memberships are correct. 
ACLs works successfully for reading and so on. 

But I'll can  change ACLs, if i'm the owner of this file/folder. If I'm 
member of an ownerproup or I have full access via ACLs (as user or as a 
member of a group) I always get an error message: 

setfacl: test_unixgrpvoll: Operation not permitted 

Any Ideas? 


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