[Samba] Sharing a loop mounted file system

Gustav Kramer gjk_lists at rogers.com
Tue Jul 31 22:03:31 GMT 2007

I am trying to share a loop mounted file system from a linux box but 
Windows XP does not display the share:

I mounted a dd image of an ntfs partition using:

mount -o loop /home/public/ntfs_image.dd /mnt/diskimage/

I then shared /mnt/diskimage using the webmin samba interface and
restarted the samba server.  When I browsed (in Windows) to where the
share should be I can not see the diskimage share.  All the other shares
are visible/accessible.  /mnt/diskimage is browsable on the linux host

If I unmount /mnt/diskimage and restart the samba server then I can
"see"  the empty diskimage directory from Windows XP

Any thoughts?  Is this a samba issue or a mount issue or simply a "you
can't get there from here"?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

- gustav

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