[Samba] Modification Time Problem

Victor Cicero vc6vc6 at gmail.com
Tue Jul 31 14:57:08 GMT 2007

I am using a Samba 3.0.21a share to centrally access my source code
from multiple Windows workstations.

Everything works as expected (in Samba), but there is a slight (but
annoying) problem with the modification timestamp of the files on the
Samba share.

While I have verified that both server and workstation are
synchronized to the same time (using NTP), it seems that there is a
few milliseconds skew that Samba introduces which is enough to confuse
the build utility and causes it to ignore certain dependencies. I am
saying "that Samba introduces" because when the files are stored
locally (i.e. on the hard drive), the problem does not exist. You can
read more about it here:


Is this "modification timestamp" problem a known one? Or am I the
first to experience it? If it is know, has it been fixed? If not
fixed, is there a workaround I can use (short of working locally on
the hard drive)?


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