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Ryan Steele steele at agora-net.com
Mon Jul 30 17:00:18 GMT 2007

Ray Anderson wrote:
> Been using it for a while now:
> smb.conf entry:
> # turn on auditing
> vfs objects = audit
> In the Samba howto collection, section 21.3:
> 21.3 Included Modules
> 21.3.1 audit
> 21.3.2 extd audit
> And just for completeness:
> 21.3.1 audit
> A simple module to audit file access to the syslog facility. The 
> following operations are
> logged:
> • share
> • connect/disconnect
> • directory opens/create/remove
> • file open/close/rename/unlink/chmod
> 21.3.2 extd audit
> This module is identical with the audit module above except that it 
> sends audit logs to
> both syslog as well as the smbd log files. The log level for this 
> module is set in the smb.
> conf file.
> Valid settings and the information that will be recorded are shown in 
> the next table.
> Configuration of Auditing
> This auditing tool is more felxible than most people readily will 
> recognize. There are a
> number of ways by which useful logging information can be recorded.
> • Syslog can be used to record all transaction. This can be disabled 
> by setting in the
> smb.conf file syslog = 0.
> Section 21.3. Included Modules
> Table 21.1. Extended Auditing Log Information
> Log Level Log Details - File and Directory Operations
> 0 Make Directory, Remove Directory, Unlink
> 1 Open Directory, Rename File, Change Permissions/ACLs
> 2 Open & Close File
> 10 Maximum Debug Level
> • Logging can take place to the default log file (log.smbd) for all 
> loaded VFS modules
> just by setting in the smb.conf file log level = 0 vfs:x, where x is 
> the log level.
> This will disable general logging while activating all logging of VFS 
> module activity
> at the log level specified.
> • Detailed logging can be obtained per user, per client machine, etc. 
> This requires the
> above together with the creative use of the log file settings.
> An example of detailed per-user and per-machine logging can be 
> obtained by setting
> log level = /var/log/samba/%U.%m.log.
> Auditing information often must be preserved for a long time. So that 
> the log files do not
> get rotated it is essential that the max log size = 0 be set in the 
> smb.conf file.
> Ryan Steele wrote:
>> Hey List,
>> I was wondering if and how one would go about tracking file activity 
>> on a Samba server, for basic auditing purposes. I'd ideally like to 
>> see what files where edited, by whom and when. I've done some RTFM 
>> and a bit of searching around the 'net, but haven't found anything 
>> yet. Even pointers to documentation on the subject would be welcome. 
>> Thanks in advance for any tips!
>> Best Regards,
>> Ryan


I appreciate your advice.  I am experimenting with an implementation of 
the extd_audit module now on a test cluster - thanks for pointing me in 
the direction of the HOWTO,  I should have looked there before bumping 
the list.  Thanks again.


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