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Dennis McLeod dmcleod at foranyauto.com
Mon Jul 30 16:18:20 GMT 2007

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Im trying to avoid the roaming with the profiles, i found something in te
list about that, but it doesn't works, I changed in the registry the

> >

> > Shell Folders]
> > AppData=%USERPROFILE%\Datos de programa 
> > Cookies=%USERPROFILE%\Cookies .......
> > ......
> >
> > to
> >

> > Shell Folders]
> > AppData=P:\Profile\Datos de programa Cookies=P:\Profile\Cookies

but as i said it doesn work...it still download and upload the profile

can someone help me?


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On XP:
Start, Run, type "gpedit.msc", hit enter.
Expand "Computer Configuration"
Expand "Administrative Templates"
Expand "System"
Highlight "User Profiles"
Change "Prevent Roaming Profiles from propagating to the server" to Enabled.
Change "Allow only local profiles" to Enabled.
Logout and back in (or reboot.)

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