[Samba] Basic Overview of Active Directory with Samba Install

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For those of you waiting for my write-up on this topic, the 2 or 3 projects i've had in the wind have all landed at once (don't they always) so i'm finding it difficult to make time.  i think what i will do, rather than take on a major re-write of sections of the HOWTO (and the more i look at it, the less i can see that needs changing) i will put together a "Samba for Windows Admins" on the Wiki, with particular attention paid to integrating Samba with ADS.  Or perhaps i should call it "Samba for Dummies"  ;)

But just to let everyone know, it is weighing on my conscience that i haven't done anything actually useful yet.  My Samba installations work great though  :)


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I apologize for posting such a newb question, but I am having problems
configuring Samba for use in an Active Directory and after searching the

I am trying to configure Samba 3.0.25 as a node in out AD setup.   Since I
am writing here you can guess it is not working. 

Is there a basic "how to" for this topic out there, I am figuring I missed a
simple and basic step along the way.

Jeffrey M. Johnson

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