[Samba] 3.0.25b problem joining 3.0.23d domain..

Marcin Giedz giedz at arise.pl
Fri Jul 20 11:05:41 GMT 2007


My PDC is running on 3.0.23d. I have more than 50+ users (Win XP , 
Linux) connected to it. Today I've downloaded 3.0.25b and wanted to add 
to domain new server. For a while I was wondering if 3.0.25b can join to 
elder 3.0.23d but gave it goal. This message I got during joining:

/opt/samba-3.0.25b/bin/net rpc join -U user1%pass1

Starting service: samba
[2007/07/20 13:02:35, 0] utils/net_rpc_join.c:net_rpc_join_newstyle(304)
error setting trust account password: NT code 0x1c010002
Unable to join domain PDC.

My smb.conf for this new test server is as follows:

netbios name = test
workgroup = PDC
server string = TEST Samba Server
security = domain
hosts allow = 192.168.89. 127. 10.9.
load printers = no
log file = /opt/samba-3.0.25b/var/log.%m
max log size = 10000
log level = 5
interfaces =
wins server =

Has it changed something related to joining process since 3.0.23d? 
Should I keep 3.0.23d on all servers including a new one or should I 
upgrade my PDC to 3.0.25b - if this is the case - should I expect any 
problems with changing PDC. As a backend for PDC I use LDAPv3 - 2.3.35.

Best regards,

ARISE M.Giedz, T.Żebruń sp.j.
http: www.arise.pl
mail: giedz at arise.pl
tel: +48 502 537 157

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