[Samba] RE: Getting owner of files on Mounted Windows Share (3rdattempt)

Mickey Smith speedcracker at hotmail.com
Fri Jul 20 01:34:09 GMT 2007

Hi Adam,

at first:
I think you're not able to write any files or create a new directory in the 
mentioned share through smbfs-mount.
To correct this you have to use the following mount-command:
mount -t smbfs -o 
//winserver/winpath /mnt/win
For further information of the commands "fmask" and "dmask" take a look at 
the manpages (man mount.smbfs).

It is normal that you can't see the original windows owner/group of the 
files/directories like you would by mount a windows share on a windows 
I have'nt setup a Linux-client in the past to that way to see the full 
permission list of a remote-windows-share, but I think you have to do this 
with CIFS (see man pages "man mount.cifs") and CIFS POSIX extensions 
compiled into the Linux-kernel.
But this would not be everything.
The next step would be to resolve SID's to Usernames, eg.
To do this you have to setup the linux-client with the winbind service, 
configuring nsswitch.conf, eg.
This task is'nt easy, I think.
Perhaps you will find a solution by searching the net.

By the way you should take a look into the basics how share- and NTFS/ACL 
permissions interact:
So it is a little bit easier to derive how that windows-permission-stuff in 
comparsion with linux access permissions work.


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>Are people just ignoring my question because I messed something up, not
>getting it, or does no one know anything?
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>Hello everyone,
>I have an obscure issue that I have been so far unable to find the
>answer to.  I have successfully mounted a windows NTFS file share using
>samba via the following command:
>mount -t smbfs -o username=<USERNAME>,workgroup=<WORKGROUP>
>//winserver/winpath /mnt/win
>It mounts just fine but performing an ls -al command shows my user (or
>"root") as the owner of all files, when this isn't the case.  Is it
>possible to get the proper Windows owner of files through a
>samba-mounted windows file share?
>Thanks in advance.
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