[Samba] RE: Getting owner of files on Mounted Windows Share (3rd attempt)

Randall Svancara rsvancara at wsu.edu
Thu Jul 19 16:23:48 GMT 2007

Ben hit the nail on the head here.  There is really no way for smbmount
to know about file permissions on remote shares due to the fact that the
system you are running smbmount from is not aware of the SIDs associated
with the users and groups on the windows share.  Furthermore, this is
compounded by the fact that Unix uses UID and GID values for users and
groups.  The SIDs need to be translated to UID and GID values.  

The only thing smbmount can do is generically assign uid and gid values
to the smbmount share.  So this may not be a good solution for you.  

Perhaps some other, more brilliant folks, may have better suggestions.


<from Adam>

Yeah, but unfortunately the owners already exist.  I am trying to
generate some reports relating to the documents that exist on the share,
and as such want to show the current owner/creator rather than set.
Would this also be possible with the smbmount?

On Thu, 2007-07-19 at 16:53 +0100, Ben Tisdall wrote:
> Terlson, Adam (STP) wrote:
> > Are people just ignoring my question because I messed something up, not
> > getting it, or does no one know anything?
> > 
> Adam,
> I have several replies to your question from the list in my inbox, so
> try checking the archives if they didn't reach you for some reason.
> In summary, Windows ownerships don't pass through with smbfs, the
> ownerships will be those specified as options to the mount command, or
> if none are specified they will default to root:root. Check the manpage
> for smbmount for more details.
> --
> Ben Tisdall

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