[Samba] smbpasswd truncates password to 8 chars on Solaris sparc?

Schaefer Jr, Thomas R. tom at umsl.edu
Thu Jul 19 15:26:17 GMT 2007

On Wed, 18 Jul 2007 20:35:30 -0600
Zube <Zube at CS.ColoState.EDU> wrote:

> Following up to my own query, it appears that bugs 4782 and 4677 in
> bugzilla.samba.org also mention this issue.  Using the smbpasswd from
> 3.0.24 seems to work around the problem.

Yep, I'm the reporter of bug 4677, hadn't seen 4782 but it does look
like the same thing.  A third similiar bug I have entered is 4674 where
I eventually discovered I can't connect with smbclient when the users
password is greater than 8 characters.  4674 is also on Sparc Solaris.
I haven't tried any of it on x86 Solaris, my hunch would be the same
problem exists there too.

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