[Samba] copy existing users quick launch problem

Linux Guy linux at rcrnet.net
Tue Jul 17 21:52:02 GMT 2007

Ok, I'm on it now..   Here's the drill.

I enabled roaming profiles.
I used poledit and redirected my documents, desktop, application data.

BUT!, I did NOT use poleedit to EXCLUDE certain directories.  And I did 
NOT copy user data to those directories.  Therefor, I could not enable 
quicklaunch as there was nothing in the application directory that was 
redirected. ha!

Sooo, now I just have a quick easy question. What's the easiest way to 
populate those redirected directories with the local users data so I can 
migrate a local user to the domain? Create a "homeshares" share the root 
can get to so he can copy the info?

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