[Samba] Changing domain name

Didster didster at gmail.com
Tue Jul 17 11:31:52 GMT 2007


For reasons best known to the IT admin before myself, we currently
have a domain name of WARLOCK.  I want to change this.  We have about
15 WinXP Pro client machines on the domain as well as a few linux
domain clients.

A bit of reading shows that it should be as simple as doing a net
getlocalsid, making the change, followed by a net setlocalsid.

I started doing this when I noticed something [The PDC machine name is North]:

north:~# net getlocalsid

SID for domain NORTH is: S-1-5-21-2864586203-3687421127-69847892

north:~# net getlocalsid WARLOCK

SID for domain WARLOCK is: S-1-5-21-403220451-921850273-241492889

According to this in the how to: Chapter 13. Remote and Local
Management: The Net Command

"First, do not forget to store the local SID in a file. It is a good
idea to put this in the directory in which the smb.conf file is also
stored. Here is a simple action to achieve this:

root#  net getlocalsid > /etc/samba/my-sid

Good, there is now a safe copy of the local machine SID. On a PDC/BDC
this is the domain SID also."

It says that on a PDC, it should give the domain SID.  So, why on my
PDC do I get different results for getlocalsid and getlocalsid

I'm probably being stupid, but worried if I change the domain name,
and do a "setlocalsid S-1-5-21-403220451-921850273-241492889" it will
just change the SID of the machine, and I wont be able to restore the
domain SID.

Many Thanks

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