[Samba] Problems since upgrade from 3.0.23 to 3.0.25b

Jason Baker jbaker at glastender.com
Mon Jul 16 20:19:34 GMT 2007

> I believe that means that samba could not find the PDC via name 
> resolution.
I have a DNS and DHCP server running and I can ping the PDC by name from 
the client machine.

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John Drescher wrote:
> On 7/16/07, Jason Baker <jbaker at glastender.com> wrote:
>> I have a working Samba PDC, I can log in and out from a windows xp
>> workstation. I recently upgraded to 3.0.25b-33 and now, when I add a new
>> user, I get:
>>     The system cannot log you on due to the following error:
>>     A device attached to the system is not fuctioning
>>     Please try again or consult your system administrator
>> I have network connectivity. I was able to join this machine to the
>> domain through windows xp. I can log on to the domain from this machine
>> with an existing user. All file and directory permissions are correct:
>> If I run the smbclient command I get:
>>     session setup failed: NT_STATUS_NO_LOGON_SERVERS
> I believe that means that samba could not find the PDC via name 
> resolution.
>> Samba is indeed running. If I run smbclient with an existing user I get:
>> I found this entry in the domain controllers samba log:
>>     [2007/07/16 13:55:13, 5]
>>     rpc_server/srv_netlog_nt.c:_net_sam_logon_internal(934)
>>       _net_sam_logon: check_password returned status NT_STATUS_OK
>>     [2007/07/16 13:55:13, 1]
>>     rpc_server/srv_netlog_nt.c:_net_sam_logon_internal(1004)
>>       _net_sam_logon: user GLASTENDERNET\jrolfe has user sid
>>     S-1-5-21-3568796296-2565465778-716510536-3404
>>        but group sid S-1-5-21-1194936901-2368177035-684874509-513.
>>       The conflicting domain portions are not supported for NETLOGON 
>> calls
>>     <----------------------CUT---------------------->
> This is saying that your user and group have confilcting sids because
> they should share the same base sid as everything else on the domain.
> To fix this you need to go through your ldap database and make sure
> that all sids have the same base.
> John

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