[Samba] Performance problem with file > 2Gb

Adam Tauno Williams adamtaunowilliams at gmail.com
Mon Jul 16 15:02:01 GMT 2007

> >>> There are some problems to transfer big file over 2Gb, It is a filesize 
> >>> limitation of samba.
> >> I just transfered a 2,8 GB file with smbclient and got ~60 MB/s.
> > Right, large files work fine;  the hardware is dorked, something badly
> > misconfigured, or extremely untuned.  I see mention of IDE and that is
> > always my first guess.  But I doubt it is a Samba issue.  Try the same
> > thing with local files and see what happens.
> The OP did not mention IDE. I also doubt a 8x500GB under hardware raid 5 
> uses ide drives...
> But this is not the problem I think.

"8x 500Gb raid 5 via 3ware Raid Controller"

3ware almost certainly means IDE (SATA is IDE),  but they also make PATA
RAID controller.

> I suggest trying to transfer the same files via ftp or scp (e.g. using 
> WinSCP client), to assure that the server hardware / network equipment 
> is OK, then, if the slowdown is seen _only_ using samba shares, do a 
> search in the mailing archives.
> I know it's not much, but HTH nonetheless.

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