[Samba] Performance problem with file > 2Gb

Sébastien CRAMATTE s.cramatte at wanadoo.fr
Mon Jul 16 11:42:12 GMT 2007


I've setup an Samba 3 server on a Debian Etch 4
The server has :

- 8x 500Gb raid 5 via 3ware Raid Controller
- Filesystem is Ext3 over Lvm2  (I know that be better an Xfs FS instead
... now I can't change it easily )
- Xeon dual core 2
- 2Gb of RAM
- connected to a gigabit switch using 2 bonded NIC

When I copy big files (> 2Gb MPEG files)  from Windows clients  the copy
do a pause on the end ...
If at the same time I open another video from another client the movie
playback start to skip frame and become very very slow ...

Any Ideas ?

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