[Samba] Help with samba config

Cliff meecect at bp.com
Sun Jul 15 22:32:30 GMT 2007

I have samba installed on a linux server in a primarily windows environment.  We
have AD, but I cannot join my linux server to the domain.  I would ike to pass
authentication info over to a windows DC though.

I have a directory that I want to share from the linux server.  I want to force
users to authenticate and have the DC authenticate the user/pass.  I don't want
to have an equivalent unix user for each windows user, but I do want to limit by
a list of users or a group. 

Once authenticated, all file operations can take place as a normal unix user I

As a first start I tried this:

password server = xxxxxxxxxx
ldap ssl = no

        path = /var/www/sites/gounix.bpweb.bp.com/files/repository
        force user = www-data
        force group = www-data
        read only = No
        valid users = meecect
        create mask = 0774
        directory mask = 0775

This let me browse the shares, but when I try to connect, a windows
authentication box appears with the username area pre-filled and grayed out so I
can't change the username.  The username it had filled in was
SERVERNAME\GUEST_ACCOUNT, where SERVERNAME was the name of the linux box, and
GUEST_ACCOUNT is the name of a guest account I have on my PC.

Any hints?

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