[Samba] Response too big for UDP, retry with TCP

Nejc Škoberne nejc at skoberne.net
Fri Jul 13 12:27:50 GMT 2007

Hey Todd,

> Kinit uses the installed kerberos package - if your kerberos package 
> does not do TCP fallback in the AS_REQ, you'll never be able to get a 
> ticket when you see this error message - it's generated by the KDC, 
> which will refuse to issue a ticket > roughly 1500 bytes (for MS KDCs).  
> Time to update  your Kerberos port (MIT's dist > 1.4.1 supports TCP).

OK, I understand now. I installed MIT's Kerberos5 (installed port 'krb5'
on FreeBSD, added 'KRB5_HOME=/usr/local' to /etc/make.conf and rebuilt
samba3 port) and I succeeded joining the Samba server into ADS domain.

Thanks to everyone!


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