[Samba] samba's characters encoding differs when guest and when by security = user ????

Pawel Eljasz peljasz at yahoo.co.uk
Thu Jul 12 10:52:37 GMT 2007

hello everyone
first to say that I'd greatly appreciate any help (smbd v.3.0.25b-2.fc7)
I'm trying to run CommuniGate ver. 4.1.8 on winXP and --Base to 
guest ok = yes
guest account = cgpro
security = share

it works fine, but when I change a second later to:
security = user; valid users = cgpro, writeable = yes
it fails giving these errors:

Initiating CommuniGate Pro Server
failed to create '\\\CommuniGate\Base' directory. Error 
Code=Microsoft Windows
XP error #1240
Base Directory \\\CommuniGate\Base creation failed
All Objects Dump ---
{\r\n  cp866 =  <VCharsetTable 730128>;\r\n  IBM866 =  <VCharsetTable 
730128>;\r\n  ISO-88
59-1 =  <VCharsetTable 727F68>;\r\n  ISO-8859-10 =  <VCharsetTable 
72D308>;\r\n  ISO-8859-
11 =  <VCharsetTable 72DA60>;\r\n  ISO-8859-13 =  <VCharsetTable 72
<VCharsetTable 727F68>
<VCharsetTable 7288D0>
<VCharsetTable 729238>
<VCharsetTable 729A98>
<VCharsetTable 72A2F8>
<VCharsetTable 72AD68>
<VCharsetTable 72B4C0>
<VCharsetTable 72BF30>
<VCharsetTable 72C9A0>
<VCharsetTable 72D308>
<VCharsetTable 72DA60>
<VCharsetTable 72E0B0>
<VCharsetTable 72E808>
<VCharsetTable 72EF60>
<VCharsetTable 72F8C8>
<VCharsetTable 730128>
<VCharsetTable 730BB0>
<VCharsetTable 731620>
<VCharsetTable 731F88>
<VCharsetTable 7328F0>
<VCharsetTable 733258>

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