[Samba] Samba and the partitions...

William Colls william at procomsys.com
Wed Jul 11 17:58:07 GMT 2007

My understanding of the conventional wisdom is that the firewall machine 
should ONLY run your firewall, and related security tools. Having samba 
on that machine seems to me to highly risky. If you fire wall is 
breached in any way, you have pretty much presented your intruder with 
everything he wants to know about your system.

just my $.02 Cdn.

Daniel Zilli wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> I am Daniel from Brazil, today i started as a membership of this list. I
> hope learn a lot about samba with you guys...and girls. :-)
> My first doubt. Actually is kind of off topic, but i will try.
> I will setup  HP server. This HP will run Linux with firewall, squid and 
> the
> major component will be the SAMBA ! The HP has a 160 GB HD. I will use 
> samba
> as PDC with more or less 20 PCs in the network. My doubt is. Which is the
> best partition scheme for this ? (I know that this kind of question is a
> sh***...but any tip is welcome)
> My directory scheme in the Linux that:
> ======================
> /
> /bin
> /etc
> /home/
>          /
>          / ..users
> /srv/
>      /sales/
>               /docs
>               /misc...
>      /stock/
>               /docs..
>               / misc...
>      /adm/
>              /managers....
>              /etc....
> /....
> =====================
> My three main directories are  SALES,  STOCK  and  ADM . Will be a lot of
> dates there. I put them at root, but i think is not a good idea, i think
> that they can go to another partition. I am worry about the /var and /home
> directories.
> Ok...it's enough :-)
> Thank you for your time.
> Bests,
> Daniel

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