[Samba] smbpasswd problem on Solaris-10

Roberto Lizana rober.lizana at gmail.com
Wed Jul 11 16:49:25 GMT 2007

What can you see in console if you type this 'smbpasswd -D 10 anyUser' ???

Ole Benner escribió:
> I have compiled both samba-3.0.25a and samba-3.0.25b and with both I
> have problems setting user password longer than 8 chars with smbpasswd.
> I get no errors, but if I try to set a password with more than 8 chars
> the password will only be generated using the first 8 chars.
> This is on Solaris-10 update 3 on amd64 and I have compiled samba using
> Sun Studio 11 compiler suite and no other options to configure than
> --prefix=/some/path.
> Solaris-10 comes with samba 3.0.21b preinstalled and if I use smbpasswd
> from that installation there is no problems and the smaba-3.0.25(a/b)
> version works alright with >8 chars passwd once it is set.
> This looks like some 32/64 bit bug or similar.

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