[Samba] modification time inconsistency

Chris Smith smb23 at realcomputerguy.com
Wed Jul 11 16:14:19 GMT 2007

On Thursday 21 June 2007, Carlos Knowlton wrote:
> I have a client with a windows utility that relies on "touch"ing (changing
> the mod time) on zero-length files in a folder for the purpose of judging
> when that folder was last accessed.  This works fine for him on mapped
> windows servers, and from the local disk, but from a Samba (v3.0.22)
> volume, the mod time doesn't change unless there was an actual data change
> within the file.  (ie, clicking "save" in notepad doesn't change the mod
> time unless he enters some data first.).

Tried this out of curiosity and find the same results. It only happens with a 
zero length file, if the file has any data in it then the timestamp does 
change by doing a save in notepad (no data change necessary). With a zero 
length file it doesn't change when the file is on a Samba share.

However with a cifs mounted Samba share a "touch filename" does update the 
timestamp even for zero length files.


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