[Samba] Profile in use

C.H. clumpywheel at yahoo.com
Wed Jul 11 00:41:05 GMT 2007

I am migrating our office from a Windows 2003 Active Directory domain 
to a Samba domain with an LDAP backend.

All users in the domain had local profiles only, so I went to each of 
their machines and migrated the profiles to the new domain.  Everything 
seemed to work fine with the new domain except that occasionally (not 
all the time) when a user has logged out of their machine and goes to 
log back in, they get an error that their profile is in use and that 
they will be logged in with a temporary profile.  The only way to stop 
this error is to reboot the machine, at which point they can log in 
successfully and their profile is working again.

I never had this problem under Active Directory but I don't see how 
Samba could be causing the problem since we're still using local 
profiles.  Does anyone have any thoughts about what could be causing 

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