[Samba] winbind + samba limits with large AD?

Ralf Gross Ralf-Lists at ralfgross.de
Wed Jul 11 15:17:13 GMT 2007

Michael Adam schrieb:
> > I was able to get it at home and put it on a cd :)
> Great!

In the meantime I compiled 3.2, but I've some problems with the
machine account. I joined the domain with the ubuntu package some
weeks ago (my desktop) and installed samba 3.2 to /opt. I tried to
copy the old samba tdb files from /var/lib/samba to /opt/... but it
seems that something went wong (it was just a quick trial and error
attempt). I have to look into that in the next days.
> > Michael Adam schrieb:
> > > By "that command" you mean "ls -ln"?
> > 
> > And 'wbinfo -g' or 'wbinfo -u'. I couldnt't get the user and group and
> > winbindd died after that command.
> wbinfo -u/-g get the list of users/groups even if "winbind enum
> users/groups" is set to "no" in the config (it uses other means
> than the getpwent/getgrent system functions). If your number of 
> users and groups is very large, wbinfo will currently time out,
> but winbindd will continue to complete the request. 

> > > Well, let's see what improvement the new version brings.
> > > BTW: The enhancements were made specifically for environments
> > > with hundreds of thousands of users and groups (and large
> > > groups!) in ad.
> > 
> > Sounds promising!
> I am interested to hear how the new version performs in your setup!

This might take some more days but I'll give feedback!


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