[Samba] Response too big for UDP, retry with TCP

Nejc Škoberne nejc at skoberne.net
Wed Jul 11 11:13:48 GMT 2007

Hi again,

> You could either use an administrative account which is not a member of 
> so many groups (causing the "packet too big" error), or use a more 
> recent version of samba.
> In any version <= 3.0.22 the tcp fallback is not implemented during the 
> kpasswd request. The krb5.conf kdc line is not taken into account at 
> this place.

I upgraded Samba to 3.0.25a and tried again with the user, who has administrator
privileges but is not in so many groups. I get a bit different message, but it
is still a no go:

root at Bonaparte:~# net ads join -U domainadmin%idsrmap978
[2007/07/11 11:36:34, 0] libads/kerberos.c:ads_kinit_password(227)
   kerberos_kinit_password domainadmin at INFRAX.LOCAL failed: Response too big for UDP, retry with TCP

Any ideas?


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