[Samba] can two samba servers share uid/rid map in win2k3 domain

Gerald (Jerry) Carter jerry at samba.org
Mon Jul 9 21:21:47 GMT 2007

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john wrote:
> Hi all,
> I've been battling this for weeks.
> I have one samba server joined to our windows 2k3 domain that is
> happily using Active Directory for authenication via Winbind and
> kerberos. Ok great, but now I want to have two Samba boxs on the
> domain with consistant uid/rid mapping between.
> My question essentialy is can two samba servers use share a common
> uid/rid idmap when joined to a Windows 2k3 domain. If the answer is
> "yes, with LDAP" Then my question is how does the Active Directory
> user info get into that LDAP db?

If you have a single domain, use idmap_rid.  If you use ldap,
winbindd adds the entries on an as needed basis just like it does
when using idmap_tdb.

cheers, jerry
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