[Samba] Purpose of Browse Lists if you have WINS

Adam Tauno Williams adamtaunowilliams at gmail.com
Mon Jul 9 17:47:30 GMT 2007

> 	What are the point of Browse Lists if you have a WINS server?  Unless
> I'm mistaken, Browse Lists and WINS servers both serve the same purpose:
> to resolve NetBIOS names to IP addresses.  So in a Windows Domain, if I
> have a WINS server, why do I even bother messing with Browse Lists?
> 	I'm kind of new to Windows Domains and I'm also new to Samba (in any
> capacity more complicated than simple SMB file sharing) so I'm trying to
> understand some of these basic concepts and would really appreciate any
> help.

This seems like more of a general Windows network administration
question;  with little specificly to do with Samba.  You'll probably get
a better response in a Windows networking forum.

TIP:  If you want to avoid using browsing, etc... you can set the
NetBIOS note type of your workstations either in the registry or via

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