[Samba] backup samba domain accounts

Martin Miethe mmiethe at protourschile.com
Sun Jul 8 17:10:43 GMT 2007

Hi Newsgroup,

I use SAMBA as PDC with MS Terminal Server 2K3.
I dont use LDAP.

For backing up the domain accounts, I secure /etc/samba on daily base.

Yesterday I made a test: I set up a new machine with Samba and copied my 
backup /etc/samba (1 day old) to the new machine - Samba started just fine.

But now, most of the users could not login to the Terminal Server (but 
some were able to)! The users do not change their password. So it seems
Samba and Windows are out of sync (on base of some ID?).

I have noticed that Windows now lists some cryptic IDs 
("S1-1-5-21-12423535....") instead of the usernames in the User Managment.

When I re-add the domain account to my Windows Server, Windows creates 
me an empty profile. This is really bad and means I would need to copy 
all the profiles to the new Folder!

How can I simply backup my Domain accounts? I don't really want to set 
up a BDC and LDAP. I would like to have everything out of the office.

If this doesn't work, does anyone know how I can point the profiles
in Windows to the new location, without copying them?

Just want to be prepared if I would need it one day.

Please help...Thanks a lot in advance.

best regards

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