[Samba] Change print job priority

Martin Werthmoeller mw at lw-systems.de
Sat Jul 7 13:06:47 GMT 2007

Am Sat, 07 Jul 2007 um 05:22 GMT -0700 schrieb Necos Secon:

Hi Necos,

> I believe the problem is that only users in the sys group can modify job
> priorities.
>  So, this includes root. If your user is not part of an admin
> group (done with net groupmap or using /etc/group), then I suspect that
> you will get access denied errors. All members of "Domain Admins" have
> this right, as they are directly mapped to root.

On samba or do you mean the cups default?
On cups, the cupsd.conf directive is set to the group "printer_admins".
The user I used for the operation was a member of this group. On samba,
the "printer admin" directive was set to

     printer admin = @"domain admins", @printer_admins, administrator

Best regards,
Martin Werthmoeller

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