[Samba] password server and round robin dns of DCs

Gerald (Jerry) Carter jerry at samba.org
Fri Jul 6 14:28:34 GMT 2007

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Matt Baker wrote:

> It was my hope that the round robin dns would be expanded and Samba
> would retry the other servers in the DNS lookup. I can see now this does
> not work (although I'd like confirmation of this if possible).

IIRC what's happening to you is that the server name is bring placed
into a negative cache by Samba's name resolution manager so
it will be ignored for a short period of time.

> I wonder if this classifies as a bug or feature request or
> is deliberate by design? I cannot use "password server = *"
> as the member servers are not sitting in the same IP subnet
> as the DCs, as I am aware, the discovery uses the netmask.

Incorrect.  That is true for bradcast NetBIOS name resulution
but not for AD DC location which uses DNS.

cheers, jerry
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