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Linux Guy linux at rcrnet.net
Thu Jul 5 20:58:31 GMT 2007

Chris Smart wrote:
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> Hi all,
> I've written a HowTo for 'Samba domain with LDAP back end' and am
> looking for people to test it and tell me the stupid things I did.
> I also wanted to put the HowTo out there in case others wanted to do
> something similar and because I know you've got nothing better to do on
> your weekend than play with Linux ;)
> I'm by no means a Samba expert so please let me know if you have any
> suggestions or improvements :)
> It's wikified online at :
> "http://wiki.makethemove.net/index.php?title=LDAP-Samba"
Am still reading it...   :)
However, I wanted to take a moment to mention the smbldap-installer at
It rocks!
I am glad to see you covering some areas not covered in many howto's.
Questions that may come up in setting up a pdc may be...
Folder redirection using policy files, etc.
How to copy existing profiles to the roaming profiles.

Giving a user permission to join the domain. (so folks aren't running
around with the root password)
net rpc rights grant "Domain Admins" SeMachineAccountPrivilege

and possibly these as well..
SeMachineAccountPrivilege \
SeTakeOwnershipPrivilege \
SeBackupPrivilege \
SeRestorePrivilege \
SeRemoteShutdownPrivilege \
SePrintOperatorPrivilege \
SeAddUsersPrivilege \

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