[Samba] Custom "Windows Welcome message"

Ralf Wiegand mrsun2001 at yahoo.de
Thu Jul 5 15:03:36 GMT 2007

Thanks for the tip.  In a windows AD domain, this is accomplished by using a group policy... so how do you do this in samba.  I don't want to added each XP box.
If it is done via a logon script, do you have an example?


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On 7/5/07, Ralf Wiegand <mrsun2001 at yahoo.de> wrote:
> Hello - I running Samba as a PDC on FC6 with roaming profiles. I need to setup a custom >Windows logon/welcome message... to tell users want they can expect using this >domain.

I am sorry to ask you to stfw:

the first result is spot on.

>Is it also possible to place different PDF files on the users desktop
when he or she logs >on, but only referencing one source file, so I
don't have a copy for each user?
> What is the best approach?

use a login script or a mandatory desktop.

These 2 questions have nothing to do with samba, though ;), they are
normal windows networking in action.

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