[Samba] dfs problems addressed in 3.0.25b?

julian at precisium.com julian at precisium.com
Thu Jul 5 02:48:59 GMT 2007

> Doesn't sound like a Samba bug to be honest. Have you looked
> into MS DFS bugs ?
> What filesystem are you running this on ?
> Jeremy.
> .

This is running on FreeBSD 6.2 - UFS.

I never had the problem before upgrading to 3.0.25a and aside from the 
obligatory 'msdfs root = yes' change, my samba config is the same as before.
I know it could just be coincidence - but the fact that someone else 
(Volker Kindermann) also appears to relate this issue to the 3.0.25a 
version does suggest to me that a Samba bug is at least likely.

I'm trawling the MS kb now regarding DFS anyway..  nothing looks 
relevant so far.. but I'll keep looking for some clues.


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