[Samba] dfs problems addressed in 3.0.25b?

julian at precisium.com julian at precisium.com
Wed Jul 4 07:11:27 GMT 2007

Jeremy Allison wrote:
> On Wed, Jul 04, 2007 at 05:31:20AM +0000, julian at precisium.com wrote:
>> Is the issue below addressed in 3.0.25b?  (no freebsd port available yet 
>> so I'm still at 3.0.25a)
>> I can't see anything specifically about this in the release notes.
>> I just want to add that I've also seen this behaviour on a windows xp 
>> x64 client.
>> It's a pretty serious problem..  so I'm also thinking I may have to 
>> revert to an earlier version if it doesn't look like a fix is in the works..
> This has not been reproducible as far as I know.
> Can you create a reproducible test case ?
> Jeremy.
Reproducing it is likely to be tricky - because it's intermittent. It 
happens maybe every few days for me.

This configuration exhibits the behaviour:

    workgroup = SOMEDOMAIN
    netbios name = dfsserver
    host msdfs = yes
    server string = "FreeBSD - Samba %v - DFS"
    guest account = nobody
    guest ok = yes
    inherit permissions = yes
    create mask = 0777
    directory mask = 0777
    unix extensions = no
    follow symlinks = yes
    wide symlinks = yes

    read only = no
    path = /dfs/net
    msdfs root = yes
    inherit permissions = yes
    browseable = yes

    read only = no
    path = /dfs/ops
    msdfs root = yes
    inherit permissions = yes
    browseable = yes


in the folder: /dfs/net/machinename
 > ln -s msdfs:machinename.somedomain.com\sharename  sharename

may after some unknown period.. display the same listing as:

\\dfsserver.somedomain.com\net\machinename\sharename\problemfolder might 
however show the correct listing.

The duplication is not infinitely recursive..
ie \\dfsserver\net\machinename\sharename\problemfolder\problemfolder    
shows the normal listing that should be at 

I just did more opening and closing of explorers and browsing back and 
and for the first time I've seen two folders (under the same parent) 
simultaneously showing the wrong listing.

To further complicate..
It may be related to the fact that  under a separate share on the 
dfsserver there is also a link (this time to a point beyond the 
destination share):

 >ln -s 

ie an alternative way to get to a sibling of the problem subfolder(s)  
so the following are equivalent:


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