[Samba] dfs problems addressed in 3.0.25b?

julian at precisium.com julian at precisium.com
Wed Jul 4 05:31:20 GMT 2007

Is the issue below addressed in 3.0.25b?  (no freebsd port available yet 
so I'm still at 3.0.25a)
I can't see anything specifically about this in the release notes.

I just want to add that I've also seen this behaviour on a windows xp 
x64 client.
It's a pretty serious problem..  so I'm also thinking I may have to 
revert to an earlier version if it doesn't look like a fix is in the works..


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From: "Volker Kindermann" <katjaundhirsch at web.de>
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Sent: Monday, June 11, 2007 8:21 AM
Subject: [Samba] dfs problems in 3.0.25a after client reboot and remapping

> We restored to 3.0.23d after update to 3.0.25a because of strange dfs
> the detailed situation:
> on msdfs root server 'samba' ls -lR
> dfsroot/:
> drwxr-xr-x appl1
> dfsroot/appl1
> lrwxrwxrwx share1 -> msdfs:server1\share1
> [dfs]
>         comment = "SaMBa DFS root"
>         path = /path.../dfsroot
> #       next line does not work prior 3.0.25 !!!
> #       hide unreadable = Yes
>         msdfs root = Yes
> on 'server1' ls -lR
> share1:
> drwxrws---  folder1
> drwxrws---  folder2
> [share1]
>         path = /path.../share1
>         valid users = +opr
>         force group = opr
>         printable = no
>         writeable = yes
>         inherit permissions = Yes
> The failing clients are Windows Server 2003 SP1 with Citrix MetaFrame
Presentation Server 4.0
> rebooted after update to 3.0.25a.
> The first view (windows explorer) after the update is ok
> \\samba\dfs\appl1\share1\folder1
> But after a while (maybe other citrix users mapping \\samba\dfs in the
meantime ...)
> the view from the same connection looked like
> \\samba\dfs\appl1\share1\folder1\folder1
> causing applications to fail
> Standard WinXP clients had the same strange folder duplication, but seemed
to behave ok after remapping and reboot.
> The Problem looks simular like the one reported by Josh Kelley (Jun 4)
'msdfs root problems even after a reboot?'
> Any help appreciated
> Volker Kindermann

I can't help - but I can confirm I seem to be seeing the same problem with a
FreeBSD 6.2 dfs server and win2k client.

It's not just a duplication of folder1 it's a more confusing rearrangement
that breaks access to paths under the original folder1
It's as if share1 is duplicated under itself using the name folder1.

taking the example above:

the first folder1 actually has the same listing as share1..
the files that were originally at
are now down at

the folder1 in my situation has siblings that don't exhibit this problem..
but perhaps the difference is that folder1 happens to be the one I use most.


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