[Samba] "Open Extend >> " doesn't work anymore... !

Mariotto Francesco francesco.mariotto at vulcaniasystem.it
Tue Jul 3 16:48:18 GMT 2007

On Windows XP and 2003 !!!
Linux Server CentOS has CUPS and Samba 3.0.25 with all printers privileges.

I've problems with a program.
Printing system does:

type test.txt  >>  \\lnxsrv\printer

and it return:
"the parameter is incorrect"

but if i try:
type test.txt  >  \\lnxsrv\printer

it works

but with early samba, before 3.0.21 release "open extend >> " it works !
with last samba release 3.0.25 doesn't works and it returns me error ! Only  simple > works now !

Please help me !!!

Francesco Mariotto
System Administrator
francesco.mariotto at vulcaniasystem.it

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