[Samba] i18n problems connecting Samba 3.0.22 with Snap! Server 4100 (samba 2.2.x I think)

Stefano Bartaletti s.bartaletti at dyemagic.com
Tue Jul 3 14:15:14 GMT 2007


I have an old SNAP! Server 4100 appliance that has a built-in samba, I think 
it's a 2.2.x samba
The only commands I can issue for smb are (taken from debug console):

      smb add [w{hex#ofbytes} {AtHexOffset} | e{AtHexOffset}]
      smb domain [{name} [{user} [{pwd}]]]
      smb encrypted-password [enable|disable]
      smb info [connections]
      smb pdc disconnect [enable|disable]
      smb securitydomain {name} [{user} [{pwd}]]
      smb workgroup {name}

This server has a documents share for all Windows users, and it is set to
use codepage 850 from server config panel.

I have recently put up a mail server with Ubuntu and samba 3.0.22, and I
would like to connect the documents share of the Snap! server, to
rsync/copy/whatever to a local directory and make backups.

The problem is that I could not find a correct combination of Samba
parameters on the Ubuntu box to handle filenames correctly; either I see a
question mark or strange readings. 

Moreover, if I try copy/rsync from the mail server, machine hangs and I have 
to power off/on

The strange thing is that if I connect through smbclient to this machine 
and 'ls', the filenames are correct!

How can I fix this? The SNAP! server can not be updated to a new samba
version and I was lost googling for some solution

Thanks for any tip

Stefano Bartaletti
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