[Samba] Windows2000 slow filecopy and ms-dfs

Torsten tkali at bredex.de
Mon Jul 2 07:03:19 GMT 2007

Hello List!

I have found this problem at the lists, and just wanted to add some
experince from my side -- so this is not a "bug report".

After upgrading to 3.0.25a I found file copy from my Windows 2000 PC to
a samba share very slow. The other directions worked fine, as well as
Windows XP and 2003. Digging in the parameters, I have re-enabled the
ms-dfs. This then made copy to samba fast again without any (at least
seeable) side-effects.

As I might not be the only one, this may be worth mentioning in the docs.

-- Torsten.

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