[Samba] Samba and SSHFS

David Loyall david.loyall at gmail.com
Tue Jan 9 01:58:32 GMT 2007

Hello, all.

I had a problem using Samba as a relay for SSHFS.

I googled for the answer, but I couldn't find it.  Then I found it on
my own, so I figured that google could use this tip. ;)

The problem seems to be with SSHFS.  I've had trouble getting the
mounts to be visible/accessible to normal user accounts.

My solution?  Run SSHFS as root, and create a Samba share with the
force user option set to root. (Not recommended, your mileage may
vary, I am not a lawyer, etc.)


--David Loyall
Omaha, Nebraska, USA

p.s. I'm not subscribed to the Samba mailing list, so if you *really*
feel the need to reply (perhaps with a better solution, thanks!)
please CC me.

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