[Samba] replacing a samba pdc server.

Collen Blijenberg collen at hermanjordan.nl
Tue Jan 23 11:13:44 GMT 2007

Hello and good day,

we're in the middle of migrating an old samba (3.0.11) pdc server, to a 
new server (3.0.23d)

i thought i could do a NET VAMPIRE to make the new server sync with the 
old one.
but ofcoz' that doesn't work (NT error code 0x1c010002)

is there an other way to make these servers sync ?

we really would like to start fresh, coz' there are some  
inconsistencies in the old data bases of users and posix-users.
the old one is based on the mysql backend, and the new server will also 
be mysql. (no worries here, it's tested and works all ok)

I read the migrating and updating chapter's of the howto, but there 
isn't a real good procedure described.
(you should think the vampire command would be capable of doing this 



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