AW: [Samba] users via winbind and using @group in smb.conf

Voelz Alexander Alexander.Voelz at
Fri Jan 5 07:51:13 GMT 2007

So the group is local, and yet you said that
> > > | valid users = @group
as well as
> > > | valid users = @DOMAIN\group
doesn't work, while
|         valid users = DOMAIN\pt, DOMAIN\rl, jr 

The private group has the users rl,pt,jr:
| private:x:504:rl,pt,jr

Now I wonder: do all three users work? As I see it, pt and rl are domain
users, while jr is a local user?

I assume that samba looks for DOMAIN\pt when user pt logs in, who is not
listed in the DOMAIN domain, nor in the "private" group. Try putting
DOMAIN\pt as a member of "private".

Or what does "getent passwd rl pt jr" give you?

> If I use any other local group (without users imported via
> winbind) they are not listed by "wbinfo -g" as well, but still they
> behave like expected.
What do you mean by "they behave like expected"? Other groups work with
the "valid users" setting?

wbinfo should list informations that are known to winbind.

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